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As cliché as it may sound, I believe I was born an artist. I remember watching art being orchestrated from start to finish, from sketches to masterpieces of my older brother’s work, who is an artist as well. I used to just watch him create art all day. I don’t know why but I was just so intrigued by the amount of detail that he displayed in his work, and he did it so effortlessly. As just a little kid at this time, I was blown away. Whenever he started a new project, I was there right by his side, and he didn’t mind at all. We would stay up all night, him perfecting his craft and myself observing and brainstorming different ideas. As I grew older, my love for art grew stronger and stronger day by day. I remember drawing little stick figures as a young child, however when I hit my teenage years, I began putting my all into art figuring out my own styles and techniques. My brother was my biggest inspiration and supporter when it came to art, and I thank him each and every day for helping me become the artist I’ve grown to be. I’m not sure if he knew how attentive I really was to the things he was showing me, but I knew from that point  on that art will forever play a special part in my life.

I started to take art serious after I graduated college in May of 2018. Before I made that decision, I had no plans after college in my field of study, so art was all that I had. I wasn’t use to showing my art to other people, or was involved in any art events. Being an artist wasn’t a hobby of mine that I shared back then with others. For some reason I always kept it to myself. Friends and family always believed I could go far if I took it serious, but I didn’t think so. But it was always a sketch pad and a pencil kept close by whenever I needed it. That’s how I knew I loved art and had a passion for it because I always went back to it.

I always knew how bright of a person I am, but I never felt comfortable displaying that in front of the world. Now as an artist, I display it through my work piece by piece by the bright fluorescent colors I use for every project, giving it a glow as its signature look to catch the viewers eye. The main objective is to have a special connection between the art and the mind and soul of the viewer, curator or collector. It doesn’t matter how the paint is applied on the canvas, as long as the message is received from the work of art to the viewer is all that matters. I enjoy creating art that can be relatable to others. That is what my brand “DICASSO 94” is all about. It is an acronym meaning, “Dynamic Individual Creating and Seeking Substance Orchestrated since 1994.” We all as individuals want to leave behind a legacy to remember, so we look at what others do that are above us as leaders, we take what we learn from them and make something of ourselves in our own special way. My way is through my work of art.

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